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Poor blighted country… Trinidad and Tobago seems to have a generational curse of tragic buffoon politicians who continually bungle the relatively simple job of facilitating the energy and development of a nation blessed with billions of dollars of oil and gas wealth, a paradisical climate, and an unprecedented legacy of heroism, and creative and sporting genius. One political genetic flaw seems to be pure naked greed. Another is stupidity at the service of over-bounding ego- normally crowned by a doctorate or a lawyer’s letter. Be they corrupt or dunce, they have made a mess of us… Sadly ‘they do not know that they do not know’…

On one side we have brilliant national plans dreamed by our visionary class. On the other we have the flat-footed cluelessness of our political class who’ve now dragged a shining Republic down into the squalor of a ghetto of spirit. Nowhere was this incompetence more clearly on show than in the rolling out of the nation’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

2 years ago in Budget negotiations with the Honourable PM and Ministers I mentioned our impending 50th anniversary. Most did not know. This might’ve been the beginning of their planning… Read the rest of this entry