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2013-starsIn the sweeping- much deserved- Caribbean and T&T euphoria of the Tessane Chin ‘The Voice’ win I couldn’t help but notice we Trinis again don’t seem to generate the same machinery and fuel for our own. Bunji’s and Anya’s voting storms notwithstanding. We need as a nation to connect the dots more often and more scientifically when it comes to our champions. We need to claim our talents and Genius and we need to make noise about them. This post is an attempt to put into perspective the amount of achievements that T&T nationals and diaspora massive put on the international map in 2013. It is an impressive list- and it is far from complete. And it is interactive because I want you all to contribute!!!

I want you to post all the accomplishments that you know that we have authored globally this year- from cup-cake-cooking contests to literary prizes to international art showings to beauty contests. If we achieved something- post it here. Hopefully by early next year we can then have a better idea of what we are about as a nation. For the mean time- enjoy: Read the rest of this entry