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Independence abortions, budget dreams

Plans were approved for the last two budgets to utilise the 50th Independence anniversary as a springboard to consolidate local legacy material and release our living geniuses into the world. This year should have been one of T&T celebrating its unique magic, while retooling our cultural sector into a $6 billion net annual earner of foreign exchange. Instead, $100 million was wasted on vaporous events and projects lacking coherence, beauty and institutional permanence. This article concludes our look at the original plans…

In creative populations, the top five per cent earn the majority of profits. The “Beyonces” earn 65 per cent of what their labels make. Our strategy was to facilitate T&T’s genius class—just like the Ministry of Sport supports elite athletes. Worthy artistes were to be selected by the Arts Council in consultation with representative groups. T&T was to follow their preparation for global expos—where they’d win deals.

Our top geniuses can earn $2 billion annually—within four years. The aim is to give 35 per cent of T&T’s artistes touring careers—between 50 and 100 paying-days touring annually—in markets with favourable rates of exchange. This would graduate thousands into the middle class, many into millionaire-dom. London’s Olympics was to be main staging ground—utilising relationships with our global stars like Nicki Minaj. Cultural attaches were to be created to assist… Read the rest of this entry