There are two ways to show your support for the ACTT.

  1. I need more information about this association. I am an artist that does it as a hobby. However I am advised that the time to become known is not too late, and I would like to get involved with an organization that could encourage my talent.

  2. Dear Peter, sorry for the late reply. It is great that you are exploring your creativity. What type of art do you do? List all the things you do creatively in order of your priorities and passion and then we can figure out what is the best representative organisation for you. ACTT is an umbrella organisation of representative groups (eg the Cutney Foundation, Art Society, etc belong to us) and as such at the moment we do not really represent singular artist- although we are making provisions for such. We encourage artists to join their respective representative art organisation and to get involved so that organisation works for them. We will help facilitate this with you. At the same time individual artists are welcome at most ACTT meetings where the Sector’s business is being discussed and where people can come lodge complaints- whether it on government, private sector, or their own groups. We will follow up all complaints.

    As for more information on what ACTT does, apart from the information on our HOME page I urge you to write your specific questions to me and it will be answered in a timely fashion. You can send those questions to Thank you again for your interest and I hope this answers your questions. Looking forward to our engagements.

    Yours with Respect,

    Rubadiri Victor

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