A paper delivered at the “RE-LAUNCH” OF CITIZENS’ INTERVENTION

“What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?”
What happens to a dream deferred?
—Langston Hughes, “Harlem” from Collected Poems. Copyright © 1994 by The Estate of Langston Hughes. Reprinted with the permission of Harold Ober Associates Incorporated.


In the 1800s “the British decided to impose Crown Colony Government in Trinidad in which a resident Legislative Council under the authority of a Governor, could advise the British Government about Trinidad affairs- but had no effective control over the island…” The Crown Colony form of government effectively centralised all power in the governor (the Prime Minister)- but moreover it neutered all power from all representative organs in the island. We normally say we have a Westminster form of government- we do not. We are a Crown Colony with some Westminster institutions. It was during this period, from the 1850s to the 1870s, that the colonial administration, both locally and in England, formed the view that Crown Colony rule in Trinidad was best. …  In 1889 the two islands were incorporated into a single crown colony. T&T would in fact be the most evolved form of the Crown Colony in the Empire.”


Why do I begin with the fact that we are a Crown Colony when the question is Re-Imagining our Future? I begin with this fact because ‘Re-Imagining’ is the act of ‘Dreaming’ and I believe that the most important theory in analysing T&T is the Cuban theory of the 3 Societies. This is the same theory that Lloyd Best refined further into his thesis on Plantation Economics. I have pursued a different reading of the nature of The 3 Societies- and for me the most important component in societies is their relationship to the process of Dreaming.

There are 3 types of society in the New World:

  1. There are Societies of Settlement – which are like most Old World societies. All peoples who settle in a land do so in exactly the same way. They Dream themselves into the landscape and create institutions in the same way. All peoples despite ethnicity, race, and religion do so. Their relationship with the land is as a Home. In such places Visionaries and Dreamers are premium, they lead, because they are the ones who can see what is not there. They are the ones who project the Society into the future. In the New World the only real Societies of Settlement are White North Americans and the old Native American societies.
  2. Then there are Societies of Exploitation – which are temporary communities where a people move into a place to exploit a particular resource. In the Old World this would correspond to mining towns and the like. These are spaces where a people’s relationship with the land is as Capital, and they are Labour and Managers. These places are not Home. They were not constructed as permanent. The ruling class in these places are Overseers. Dreamers and Visionaries are not only not valued in such places- but they are also considered dangerous and extraneous to the needs and the good of the Society. After all this is a factory floor, a mine, a plantation concerned with units of production- of what good are Dreamers in such a place? The entire Caribbean is a Society of Exploitation and this is why Dreamers and Visionaries of any type find life here so difficult. Whereas in a Society of Settlement Dreamers would lead, here they are considered dangerous and extra, and another class- an overseer class- runs the show. Overseers are unimaginative and disciplinarians, in a Society of Settlement they would not rise above middle management. In the Caribbean our entire ruling class- political and private sector- and all the people they advance through the ranks are Overseers. In Societies of Settlement this Overseer class would never rise beyond Middle Management and in fact locally they perform the role of outpost middle-managers for foreign owners of capital who reside in Societies of Settlement!
  3. Finally there are Societies of Conflict – which are war zone societies. This is where an invading force is constantly battling an indigenous people. In these places all Dreaming and society building institutions are frozen. Here the warrior class rules and society is set up in an entirely different way according to allegiance, loyalty, and a relationship to the Other. The whole of Latin America is a Society of Conflict.

maroonThe theory of the 3 Societies- and my reading of them allows us to have a completely different reading of New World history. With this lens the Cuban Wars for Independence take on a different life, as does the American War for Independence- as does the revolutionary settlements of Maroons (escaped slaves). Maroon settlements then can be seen as Societies of Settlement within a Society of Exploitation. The phenomenal capacity for ‘Civilisation-creation’ that Jamaicans have- what we read as their ‘patriotism’, love of heroes and Self- is in fact the spirit of Maroonage that we see in them. It is Settlement energy that has emancipated part of Jamaica to perform like a healthy Society of Settlement. Dreamers and Visionaries are valued in the Maroon part of Jamaica and there is in fact a civil war between the Maroon Society of Settlement in Jamaica and its Caribbean Society of Exploitation that always tries to stifle it and hold it back…


Why this is so important to T&T is because not only are we a Society of Exploitation- but the Crown Colony form of government is in fact the most advanced form of the Society of Exploitation! And we were the most advanced form! I would add that there also is some Society of Conflict in us too as Crown Colonies were normally created in communities where the Empire thought that the people had the capacity for rebellion as they were foreign nationals. So the centralising of power in the Governor solidifies the idea of the ruler as an occupying power- an invader. In other words, we have had rulers whose view of the island has been that of an occupying general whose relationship with the people is as a pacifying ruler frightened of indigenous insurgency!

As I said, in Societies of Exploitation, Dreamers are completely extraneous to their processes. Not only are they excessive and distractive- they are considered dangerous! And are treated as such. This fact explains all the pressure that Dreamers of every stripe have encountered in T&T- whether they are white, monied, and foreign. It explains our hierarchies where people who are non-visionary middle managers command the heights of our economies as CEOs and political leaders whereas in Societies of Settlement they would never rise beyond middle managers.

This reading of our Society means that Dreaming is not only fundamentally revolutionary here- but also treasonous!!! And I might add in 2016- endangered. As an artist of 25 years of practice and an artist activist for 17, I deal with the Dream-makers of this society- I have witnessed the casualties of thousands of people trying to make Dreams into Reality in this town. It has been my duty to facilitate their Dream Realisation processes. I cannot then take lightly the request to catalyse Dream-making amongst tens of thousands on behalf of this adventure we are calling ‘The Second Republic’ when all around me is the despair of the Dreaming class who have had their Dreams smashed by hard flint. I say these things as someone intimately connected not only to the processes of Imagination as an artist- but as someone involved in trying to facilitate the lives and work of Imagineers going on 5 generations. I will be remiss if I do not warn us of the realities implicit in Dreaming in this place. Which is why the sub-title of this piece is actually called GETTING REAL ABOUT DREAMING!


Normally here in the speech is where I’m supposed to draw an anecdote on the power of Dreaming, because yes, Dreams are powerful! It is anecdotally said that when the US lost the space race to Russia they knew the next race was to the moon, but instead of launching a top down punitive educational campaign to try and force people into Science and the Space programme- instead they helped fund a TV show called Starr Trek. And Star Trek created the generation that got them to the moon. Rather than rhetorically ramming MOON down everyone’s throats in school they utilized a Dreamer who had a vision which blew past the moon and envisaged American-led colonisation of the whole Universe on a Starship Enterprise(!!!)… With doors that go shuuk, and cell phones and transporters…

The power of Dream is borne out each day through the power of Hollywood and advertising which everyday compels tens of billions of dollars of consumption and behaviour, in very particular directions, with no overt coercive force. Dream compels action, it magnetizes sweat…


Dream works that way in Societies of Settlement. So let me be a bucket of cold water to the face and say that none of that architecture to facilitate Dreaming exists here in this landscape. And let me say further that Dreaming means next to nothing if the engines do not exist. Let me give you examples:

(At this point I play 2 tracks of music, the first called ‘Separate Beds’ by Gerry Anthony and Chris Dopson , and ‘Angel Song’ by the late Jomo Lord- 2 superlative songs that none of the audience has ever heard.) These 2 brilliant songs are examples of thousands of songs produced each year that are never heard by Trinbagonians because nothing exists to facilitate the Dream life of our young. When myself and my vice-president of ACTT Sheldon Manoo were creating ‘Indigenous’- the only place on our 38 radio stations that plays all non-Festival local music- we asked for people to submit their music and we received thousands of full CDs of music- and continue to do so 3 years after. We calculated from the submissions that (mostly young) musicians were spending up to $72 million a year creating original Non-Festival music that was never being played. Trini Rock, R&B, Reggae, Rapso, Classical, Jazz, etc. $72 million representing the smashed pop-culture of the country. An investment by our young that is purposefully destroyed every year by our Overseer class!!! Jomo Lord- the creator of the second track- died earlier on this year, you can say of a broken heart because of this frustration…
–          Add to that the more than 500 films produced through the TTFilm Company and Animae Caribe over the last 8 years- films that most of you have never seen
–          Add to that the hundreds of unpublished manuscripts
–          Add to that the unstaged plays
–          The un-shot screenplays
–          The unproduced Mas bands…

The cost of all that frustrated Dream is not only economic- hundreds of invested millions that will not be recouped, billions in income that will not be earned… the cost is also psychic and spiritual. The cost is suicides, addiction, exiles, criminality, collapsed communities, an intangible feeling of national despair…. I remember when Amar’s Kiskadee Karavan emerged- that great Maroon experiment- most of the young boys who had the hits that had tens of thousands of youths filling the stadium to hear local music mid-year had criminal charges. And most of the songs would have remained written and unheard until Amar intervened and made them million dollar earners…


One of the fathers of fantasy in the modern world- Walt Disney- coined the phrase ‘Imagineers’ to christen the type of individuals that it would take to realise his vision for the Dream Empire that is Disney World. The word is an amalgam of Imaginers and Engineers and refers to that mix of Dreamer and Technician that could build everything from animated movies, gravity-defying rides, awe-inspiring theme park landscapes, interactive animatronic and robotic animals, and new types of attractions involving animals and nature repackaged as spectacle and family fun. These I assert are the type of people we need right now.

We in T&T were already ahead of him with people who attempted to create communities out of nothing- with no land tenure, with no visible sources of income, in a place with no love, sans humanitae!… People who created and re-created contagious Festivals like Hosay, Ramleela, and Carnival- reimagining them and fashioning an indigenous language out of the barest opportunities to utter. Early pioneers… The fly in the ointment is that despite the Society of Exploitation overlay- Trinidad is a migrant society with a waves of migrants who have come here to try and Settle- from East Indians, to free Africans, to Chinese, and small islanders… This rambunctious Settlement energy is what has made this particular Society of Exploitation so rebellious…

And we cannot forget those who pioneered in this place before us, those who built Republics long before us. The Bannwari bones found in San Francique, Siparia on the Amerindian trail that leads from the Trinity Hills just off Guayaguayare to the godhead in Naparima Hill in San Fernando and further to Central are 7000 years old. The Waro and Calinago peoples who first migrated here and imagined a home here- consecrating mountains, rivers, and seas… we ignore that 7000 span of history at our own peril of not only arrogance and ancestral ungratefulness- but also in the failure to fathom the realities of genocide and invasion for a small island people…

So I am saying there is a lineage of Maroons- Imagineers of Light that began 7000 years ago- and then rebooted again in the colonial period after Emancipation. And we must connect to their story in a new way now- for clues, for inspiration, for continuity!

But we cannot ignore the spoiler in our midst- the Dreams that are anti-our-Dreams, Dreams of the dark Imagineers- the largest Dream construct that we live in that is anathema to our Dreams. I am specifically referring to the White Supremist Imperial European Dream which set about remaking the world in its own image and that would slaughter hundreds of millions over the course of 5 centuries to realise it. The White Settlers of North America with their Hollywood Dream-making machines are the inheritors of these Dark Dreams. Many aspects of those rival-Dreams are dangerous to us. That class has a lineage too, and clear ideas of what the world they want looks like. Let me speak about the rival Dream Mongers then- because to ignore them is to engage in the clearest form of self-Deception.


In an article called ‘Apocalypse or Renaissance’ that I wrote in 2011 for the Trinidad Express (when I was allowed to have a column) I spoke about this aspect of our predicament: “There is a body of thought that believes that every nation is made up of two spiritual countries. One is the shining, golden beacon that is its best self—a country living within the elixir of its imagination. The other is its shadow self—a nation run by its worst impulses. For England, that magical spiritual country is “Lourdes”, the England of King Arthur and Camelot, of Middle Earth and Narnia. Its diabolical dark side is the England of coal mines and industrial mills, the imperial global murderer “Britannia”. The litmus test of a nation’s health is: “which ‘country’ is it living closer to?” Are we, dear friends, closer to the Golden Trinbago of King Sailors and Nobel Prize winners, Ramleela and Hosay pageants, Lara, Hasely, and CLR James? The land Amerindians called Iere—land of the hummingbird. Or are we closer to the savage nation of mediocrity, ugliness, corruption, murder and petty vice?…

We chose Britannia.

Julian Kenny is dead. Pat Bishop is dead. Norris Deonarine is dead. These were “visionary citizens” who articulated solutions. Who offered themselves for service. Who risked their lives for “change”. Our political class continues to betray “the visionary citizen”. With every misstep, we move further from Iere and into darkness. The leadership we now require is one that knows how to emancipate “the visionary citizen”. In that way, salvation lies…”

“England recently coined the term “feral elite” to define the class of businessmen and political insiders who stand in the way of redemption. It’s the same elite the Occupy Wall Street movement and Latin American socialist political revolutions fight against. In Trinidad, that elite may be businessmen and politicians who frustrate progressive projects while skimming tens of millions from the economy. Other members may be bringing in drugs and guns from massive global cartels which destroy certain communities, possibly with ethnic, class, or real estate agendas. Other members may just be morons who have large amounts of power. All the same, this elite constitutes the constituency who must be engaged to move the country closer to the island of light.”

We must understand that we have elites and citizens who belong to the Shadow country who will attempt to destroy any Independent Republic we try to constitute. And their allies are multi-national and alert.


I am saying that there have been generations of these people who I have now given a name- ‘the Visionary Citizen’ who have Dreamt a better world and Imagineered. There are outposts of their Dream Genius all over the landscape- from the creation of Pan and Panyards, Ramleela, the Calypso tents, the Mas Camps, the creation of the Buffalypso, West Indies Cricket during its Golden Age, etc… These were islands of self-sustained Maroon activity that were able to sustain themselves from communities for brief Golden Ages. Once they reached optimum capacity on their own devices and then required sustenance and a boost from the State they began to collapse. As a multi-media artist and activist apprenticed to and connected to generations I have been uniquely perched to see the carnage that has been wrought on these Dream pathways and institutions in ways most others have not. Everywhere these independent spaces are under threat of collapse through starvation, State-led corruption, and alienation.

So how now do I come in front of you with a straight face and ask you to reimagine a new future for T&T when generations of our greatest have been doing just that- and ultimately failing to realise or sustain these Dreams?


For 17 years my strategy has been like generations of activists before me. I fought to make the State implement a Progressive People’s Agenda- what I thought was its duty- by lobbying and protest. My normal schpiel is that the Creative Industry- the industry of Dreams- is the 2nd largest industry on planet Earth- and we are a Creative people uniquely placed to exploit that fact. And there’s an international Best Practice enabling system of legislation, policy, institutions, and fiscal tools that many nations have put in place since the 1920s to enable you to enter that economy. Our path to get those systems implemented was activism and lobbying, compelling government to do what we thought was their duty. We in the Artists’ Coalition have done this for 17 years…

If I have to be honest I would have to say that we have failed. Yes, there have been some victories- for 7 years we emancipated the Film industry before they destroyed what we fought for, we have gotten the beginnings of Heritage protection, we have made grant funding more transparent and responsive, but mostly there have been astounding defeats and losses. During the period of the last 3 administrations when over $1 trillion of public money was spent we buried over 20.000 of our VIP Golden Age Elder Imagineers- without documentation, without honour. We failed to build one institution of consequence to our traditions and Legacy!

For all our activism we have changed only certain aspects of the decor- but we have been completely unable to change the ARCHITECTURE!!!

Why? Because we were trying to get the State to do its duty. But the State was doing its duty in a Society of Exploitation- their duty is the eradication of Dreamers and Dreams! That is their duty! The status quo is dream Destruction!!! So in fact we are deluded. And aberrations. When everything is wrong in a system it is not that there is system collapse- it is that that what we are witnessing is in fact how the system is supposed to work!!!

The losses that we Artists have sustained- if we are very serious and sober- have been the same experienced by all Progressive Forces. All Dreamers and Visionary Citizens in his place, for over 15 generations now- but especially in the last 4- have experienced this defeat. And it is coming to a head. The Dream Killing Machine is reaching its zenith. We must accept facts. We have been unable to affect the architecture of this place!!! It has consolidated a Dream killing architecture with very few exceptions- and moreover it has starved all Dream outposts to the point of collapse. Most of our Festivals and the gains of our Golden Age are collapsing. Nothing in our landscape reflects our nations incredible Legacy of accomplishments and heroism. In this last Budget all Progressive Agendas have been muted to a whimper!!! After 54 years of Independence and 4 generations of global geniuses – none of that thinking is anywhere reflected in the Budget and the wider architecture of the Society. We activists, trade unions, and members of the Visionary Citizenry have exhausted every single option- bar armed overthrow- to change the architecture of this space to make it more just, transparent, equitable, empathic, joyous, and beautiful. The State has resisted all attempts at affecting its systems. They have remained impervious, and they have consolidated. The Shadow country has put down the Country of Light, the Mardi Gras has trumped the Canboulay, and the Feral Elite is large and in charge and has triumphed over the Visionary Citizen! This is the truth.


Ah depressing ent!!!

It is only because I want us to be clear eyed, sober, honest… Only from a deep acknowledgement of our failure can we begin to pick up the pieces and utter a new reality.

I am saying that we must now make a comprehensive break with our past strategies and author a new way forward. I am saying that for 5 decades we have attempted to compel the State to do its duty whilst we have mis-understood its duty. I am suggesting another way. I am suggesting a path much like the one African descendants in America and many parts of the West are now facing.  I am suggesting total abandonment of the State – near complete Maroonage. The creation of a State within the State. This is what we must Imagineer.

Listen carefully:
I am suggesting the creation of an independent Republic, the independent Dream Republic Iere- funded, founded, and sustained by ourselves. Based on the core institutions that constitutes a sovereign community, formed by the consolidation of many of the Maroon experiments that currently exist. Whereas our Maroonage before was instinctive, organic, and intuitive, I am now saying it must become conscious, creative, proactive, aggressive, and reverse colonising! I am saying it must be born out of us deciding on about 10 core institutions which are nerve point institutions for the Civilisation which will constitute the brain and central nervous system of a Society of Settlement- and we must build them. From the ground up. By ourselves. For ourselves. These institutions will then annex others by their magnetic principles and by contagion.

I suggest these institutions are:

  1. A National Heritage Warehouse with the dynamic outpost of a National Hall of Fame/National Portrait Gallery- where the lineage of our incredible heroes and communities can be made manifest. All Societies of Exploitation live in an eternal NOW because all that matters is the marketplace now. One of the most important institutions in Societies of Settlement are Place of Memory where Legacy is consecrated as a way to propel the People into the Future. Such a space will be revolutionary in Trinidad and will be the launching pad for a real Society of Settlement to take hold.
  2. The Co-op bank- Trade Unions, Co-operatives and Credit Unions (as well as many Visionary Citizens enterprises) need to remove their money from the commercial banks and re-create the Co-operative Bank so that the Visionary Citizenry and the Maroon Settlement has its own financial institution that can engage the types of funding for Visionary Enterprise the nation has to date lacked. Through this institution the reshaping of the landscape can be accelerated.
  3. A citizen-led diversification secretariat that maps and empowers the Maroon economy and kick-starts the Diversification process from the ground-up.
  4. The Arts and Vocational Magnet Secondary Schools, as alternatives to the type of book rote education now being taught. This might be a chain of schools from Early-Childhood, Primary, to Secondary founded on Best Practice and Indigenous Principles.
  5. The re-creation of a the World Tropical Seed bank, where T&T becomes again the repository of the seeds of the Tropical World.
  6. A real National performing arts space- outdoor based where it can engage with our traditions of Pan, Carnival, Hosay, Ramleela, etc- most of which are outdoor and communal,
  7. A scientific research, inventors, and innovation facility, to engage indigenous scientific creativity
  8. An alternative energy laboratory and cooperative,
  9.  A motion picture and music studio where the Dream-making enterprise can be accomplished,

These larger national spaces must work with a series of re-dynamised and converted community based spaces I believe we need to engage as satellites and suns of their own:

  1.  Adaptive-use Heritage Sites combined with culinary and agricultural hubs
  2.  A network of best practice Community Centres,
  3.  Local Farmers Markets all over the country
  4.  And a range of co-operative community owned institutions

I believe that instead of wasting our energy with endless lobbying of a deaf and blind State to do what we believe it must, we should instead invest our considerable energies into the creation of independent Self-sustaining Maroon institutions. In this adventure we must ban our bellies and get imaginative and creative in how we collaboratively fund and collaborate to create these Maroon spaces. Most of our elites will never help us construct them. Repeat NEVER! We must build them ourselves. To do this we must activate the ‘Visionary Citizens’ of every race, colour, creed, class, religion, and geographic location.

My group ACTT is at present pioneering the creation of the National Portrait Gallery through ‘PROJECT: TT HALL OF FAME’ which already has the support of historians, designers, photographers, archivists, and visionary citizens from all over the diaspora- as well as the commitment of a local bank. We believe that this institution must be built by the People for the People using our sweat and ingenuity- and we are documenting the adventure as a template and pathway. I am suggesting we huddle and refine what the institutions we want to concentrate on are- and then get cracking.



Engraving on paper called, Pacification with the Maroon Negros, by Agostino Brunyas. Copyright BCC Museum

This is not to say I have renounced activism altogether when it comes to the State and our entrenched Elites. I however now believe that our activism must be like that of a State negotiating with another State for something we want that we know the other State does not want to relinquish. And our goal can no longer be ‘décor changing’ it must be about ‘changing the Architecture’. It must also be about emancipating resources from the Society of Exploitation to feed the Society of Settlement inside of it. The Maroon equivalent of ‘Raiding the Plantation’. One arm of our activism must continue the battle to emancipate resources from the Mardi Gras and Society of Exploitation side. However I do not believe that it can happen incrementally. It must be done with strategic revolutionary force.

For that I suggest the OWTU, JTM, and FITUN are critical. The OWTU has been the only progressive institution the State respects because it is the only one that has the capacity singly to shut down the State and make it lose income- the only thing a Society of Exploitation respects. Most of the most seismic changes to ‘the décor’ the State has sustained has been because of the action of the OWTU. Now however the State shut-down gambit has to be tectonic in repercussions. We must shut down the State to ensure Architectural change. There is a huge long list of demands from the Progressive Visionary Citizenry to convert this place into a Home over the years. We must select the most seismic of the Low Hanging Fruit of these to pick. Collectively the Visionary Citizens- through OWTU- must shut down the country- but the list of demands must be seminal game changers. This list of demands should include:

  1. The immediate implementation of the Procurement Act which will greatly reduce corruption and the influence of the Feral Elite
  2. Campaign Finance Reform legislation which will also neuter the Feral Elite who have captured the State as Party Financiers who have kidnapped billions from the State coffers in exchange for financing politicians
  3. The introduction of the Big Macco Senate to replace the current Senate which ensures that Civil Society has a permanent voice in government. This also entails the splitting of the functions of MPs and Cabinet members. Whereby Ministers then become a technical class selected by the PM to manage Ministries independent of the role of an MP
  4. The creation of a Diversification Secretariat to kick-start Diversification which is half staffed by the Citizen’s Diversification Secretariat which is empowered to pursue Diversification with Budgets and executive power
  5. Immediate conversion of the National Security militaristic spend in dealing with crime in East POS into a developmental one addressed in the EPOS Heritage City/Growth Pole Plans as created through consultation by the East Port of Spain Council of Community organisations (EPCCO) and the IADB Sustainable Cities Initiatives
  6. Local Content policies throughout the Public Service including 50% Local Content Broadcast Quotas – School Feeding programme,  etc

I am sure we can collectively conceive of others that should be in there as Low-Lying-Fruits to put in the basket. The only power the government respects is the OWTU and a unified progressive trade union movement. It is time to use that power to change the architecture and not just the décor… Iceland shut down its country and got its government to prosecute delinquent bankers and to transform its economy- we should shut down our country to accomplish these seismic longed for transformations. We must give Parliamentarians the ultimatums and they must pass the requisite Bills, set up the requisite bodies, write the Cabinet Notes, and instruct the Public Service, etc- or the country will not start back. This is the Hail Mary pass that I believe we can throw at this time.


zumbi-dos-palmares of brazil.gif

Zumbi of Quilombo dos Palmares

So in conclusion, I repeat, I believe that our only option now is Complete Maroonage- the creation of a State within the State. To collectively create about 10 nerve point institutions that constitute a REAL COUNTRY and consolidate all the Marron Institutions that exist. We must abandon faith in the State (the Society of Exploitation State) as something that can incrementally be transformed. We must build our own- and transform the State by contagion. That is simply the luck of the draw of the accident of our birth. We are Society of Settlement people in a Society of Exploitation. WE ARE MAROONS. Claim it! Start performing as such! We must consciously build our Dream Society. Abandon the State. We must create the Second Republic ourselves.

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  1. thepancakesforlifeblog

    Reblogged this on pancakes for life and commented:
    Pretty interesting ideas…I totally agree with spending time and energy building our own visions. What I see missing is the people part – the part where the people (including dreamers) need to remember how to work together to create the visions.

    • pancakes you’re right. This piece was presented at a conference we did called DIVERSIFICATION WITHOUT GOVERNMENT and amongst the papers presented and the discussions we had as regards strategies was the new forms of organising on the ground that must happen- and is happening. Primary among them- forms of cooperatives. From the formal to new forms suited to the solutions there were many different examples of cooperative forms from this landscape and abroad examined as options- from: the Network of Rural Women Farmers; to the Fishing Villages of Barbados, St Lucia, and Grenada; to metropolitan Artist Hubs and Collectives; to the seamstress and tailor Cooperative model for local fashion mass production as posited and operated by Robert Young and others… Comrade Remy from CWU and the Cooperative and Credit Union movement gave an overview of the formal models- its opportunities, restrictions, and blueprint as a basis for the discussion. There are several projects being pursued with these insights…

  2. Thank you for shining your light, Brother.

  3. Intense, emotionally charged, but what a daunting task to re-imagine our world! Very little in the current environment supports this thinking but I am reminded that with leadership anything is possible.

  4. Roger Bonair-Agard

    aye meh boy! brilliant work here. we hadda talk. we overdue.

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