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John Boyega

(one of 3 musings on many matters prompted by ‘Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens’)

A serious thing is this: The lead character in ‘Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens’ marketing thus far is a young black man- a character called Finn played by English actor John Boyega. Writer/Director JJ Abrams and company have cleverly used Boyega to draw spectacular attention to the sequels because here is a black man- seemingly the hero- at the centre of the Star Wars universe. A shining example of the new multi-cultural world we live in, led by Obama’s America. It’s a seemingly revolutionary act, and has grabbed the attention of the world…

The first image of the Star Wars campaign was of Finn in a Storm Trooper outfit in the middle of a desert. Director JJ Abram’s strength is deconstructing Myth- not so much building it. He understands how to play with the pre-conceptions of Myths constructed by others, expanding the Universe they created: so a black man in a storm troopers outfit immediately punctures a hole in the order of the Star Wars universe and immediately captures attention. Cinema Blend Movie News says, “In the history of Star Wars the Stormtroopers have always been nameless, faceless characters. They have numbers, not names. They’re completely interchangeable. The fact that one of the men underneath those helmets is one of the new movie’s primary characters feels strange to a lot of people.” Abrams knows how to take us behind the curtain like that.
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