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Hazel Ward-Redman

Hazel Ward-Redman

Queen Hazel Ward-Redman is dead… Long live the Queen!!! And yes, yes, the curtain is closing on our nation’s Golden Age generation. 2014 will be the year we say we saw them off… More than 19,000 of the 20,000 VIP Elders we had from that generation have joined the Ancestors… But this rumination on Hazel’s passing is to flag something else:

It is remarkable just how much those pioneers of our TV media got right- with so little resources- in the 1970s. If we as a people had simply continued doing their original programming with generational succession this country would be a much better nation in every possible way- financially, socially, artistically…

Literally hundreds of T&T’s best local and international talents got their starts and honed their skill in the incubators of Hazel’s shows- ‘Twelve and Under’ and ‘Teen Talent’. ‘Rikki Tikki’ with Uncle Ian Ali and Aunty Germaine ensured we had an indigenous children’s programming that introduced us to storytelling, puppetry, music, and painting. Hundreds more would get career boosts from Holly’s ‘Scouting for Talent’ which travelled the nation- and his championing of roots culture. ‘Best Village’ and ‘Mastana Bahar’ brought ethnic community folk and classical talent to the mainstream and rewarded it. Who could forget the power of the early Malick and Morne Diablo in those days? Sylvia Hunte brought indigenous cuisine in her inimitable ‘Tanty’ style with ‘At Home’. Allyson Hennessy and ‘Community Dateline’ ensured that talented anyones doing anything had media access to tell the nation about it- free of charge… Read the rest of this entry



In an institution that has been swimming in mess for some time, this present mess seems to be the mother of all messes. Jamaican Prime Minister had this to say of it, “What happened in India is a final act of the humiliation for the people of our Caribbean…I have a feeling of shame and anger…”

What was it that happened?

West Indies' Dwayne Bravo and India's Suresh Raina. © Getty Images

West Indies’ Dwayne Bravo and India’s Suresh Raina. © Getty Images

The West Indies Cricketers under captain Dwayne Bravo aborted a tour of India mid-tour over major contractual differences with the WICB and claims of a contract being signed without their permission, and a secret reduction of their fees by over 50%. In reprisal for the loss of revenue the Indian Cricket Board threatened the WICB, the cricketers, and by extension the region penalties of over $60 million US ($360 million TT). The action threatens the economic future of West Indies Cricket- as well as future West Indies touring opportunities with serious cricketing nations…

Of course there have been battles between ‘rebel captains’ and the WICB before- stretching back decades. This is nothing new. The West Indies Players Association was formed from such contestations. And we have had striking teams before- Lara and his team’s refusal to start the South African tour was one such. The difference between those in the past and this one is scale. This one has the capacity to sink the ship.
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