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A sample of some of those we lost this year: (left to right in each row)

A sample of some of those we lost this year: (left to right in each row)

  1. Justice Ulric Cross– WWII veteran airman, the most decorated West Indian of World War II, super diplomat/judge, all-round James Bond type hero
  2. Luis Kimme– genuis sculptor and visual artist, Muse of Tobago
  3. Penguin– calypsonian writer of classics like ‘Look de Devil Dey’, ‘A Deputy is Essential’, and ‘Sorf Man’,
  4. Stanley Marshall– brilliant Trinidad Theatre Workshop actor who owned such roles as Moustique in Derek Walcott’s ‘Dream on Monkey Mountain’
  5. Syl Dopson– footballer with champion side Shamrock and musical legend, leader of the seminal Kaiso All Stars
  6. Louis Homer– journalist- champion of folklore and Heritage
  7. Narsalo Ramaya– one of the country’s most respected violinists and Indian Classical musicians, one of the founders of the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC)
  8. Jeffrey Chock– one of the Caribbean’s greatest photographers, dedicated visual poet of East Port of Spain and the Carnival
  9. Marjorie Boothman– cultural matriarch and memory of Afro-Saxon Golden Age culture and matriarch of the Holder and Boothman clan
  10. Michael Als– unionist/ community leader, founder of the Banking, Insurance and General Workers Union (BIGWU), founder of the revolutionary Toco Foundation which pioneered community reclamation from the ground-up- particularly rural communities
  11. Dr Tony Martin– genius Caribbean historian, the world’s defining scholar on Marcus Garvey and author of possibly the most important book on Caribbean History called ‘Caribbean History- From Pre-Colonial Origins to the present’
  12. George Ng Wai– driving force of the band Imij and Company/Second Imij, lead vocalist and percussionist for the original line-up of the late Andre Tanker and The Flamingoes in the 1960s, panman with the Dixieland, Silver Stars and Phase II
  13. Teddy Belgrave– unionist/historian/activist, icon within both the steelband and labour movement, founding member of Birdsong Steel Orchestra, writer of the history of the Communications Workers Union,
  14. Isidore Smart– chief state solicitor, patriarch of the Smart family
  15. Mc Donald Bailey– called the Black Flash, one of the greatt sprinters of the early 20th century, held a Guinness World Record for the longest winning streak in a race- the sprint double which he won seven times at the AAA Championships. He jointly held the 100 m world record at 10.2 seconds between 1951 and 1956 with the great Jessee Owens
  16. Isaac Thurliff (IT) McLeod– Tobagonian businessman and quantity surveyor
  17. Edward Hernandez– curator par excellence of Tobago history and the Tobago Museum
  18. Peter Harris– Trinbago’s principal archaeologist who discovered the Banwari Man fossil which established T&T’s pedigree of having a 7000 year old human civilisation

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2013-starsIn the sweeping- much deserved- Caribbean and T&T euphoria of the Tessane Chin ‘The Voice’ win I couldn’t help but notice we Trinis again don’t seem to generate the same machinery and fuel for our own. Bunji’s and Anya’s voting storms notwithstanding. We need as a nation to connect the dots more often and more scientifically when it comes to our champions. We need to claim our talents and Genius and we need to make noise about them. This post is an attempt to put into perspective the amount of achievements that T&T nationals and diaspora massive put on the international map in 2013. It is an impressive list- and it is far from complete. And it is interactive because I want you all to contribute!!!

I want you to post all the accomplishments that you know that we have authored globally this year- from cup-cake-cooking contests to literary prizes to international art showings to beauty contests. If we achieved something- post it here. Hopefully by early next year we can then have a better idea of what we are about as a nation. For the mean time- enjoy: Read the rest of this entry