pres-commandOver the course of the last year ACTT lobbied for the creation of a ‘President’s Command Performance’ as the signal event for Republic Day in Trinidad and Tobago. The event is meant to be ‘the black tie event of the social calendar’ where the best of our best are showcased onstage. The show culminates with a signature speech by the President and a gesture on his part. In his generosity and with vision His Excellency the just demitted President of the Republic Professor George Maxwell Richards agreed to the event- and to make it one of his legacies to the Office of the President.

Due to programming conflicts the inaugural performance could not have been held on Republic Day 2012. Many scheduling conflicts later it was finally decided that the Command Performance would be the President’s last event and act before the inauguration of our fifth President of the Republic. The Command Performance was held at Central Bank on Sunday 17 March 2013 featuring an extraordinary showcase of artists, from: storyteller Paul Keens Douglas; operatic genius Eddie Cumberbatch;  dance guru Sat Balkaransingh; cuatro virtuoso Robert Munroe; a historic All-Star recreation of Lovey’s Band- the first band that recorded T&T’s music 100 years ago; and pan master Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe. The show was ably MCed by Dennis Mc Comie and His Excellency delivered a stirring speech on the need for ‘Restoration’ using the state of the President’s House as a metaphor for the state of the nation. The speech is available here.


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