Inheritance: The Elder Lecture Series #2

THE NATION’S GREATEST ARTISANS LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD THEM BEFORE:  The Greatest Wirebenders; the Greatest Hosay Tadjah Builders; the Greatest Ramleela Effigy builders; the Greatest Pan Inventors; the Greatest Tailors; the Greatest Jewellers; the Greatest Craftspeople…Senor Gomez- Mas wire-bending; Resh Baboolal- Cedros Hosay Tadjah construction; Geraldo Vieira- King and Queen costume making; Charles Harrington- Midnight Robber hats and costumes; Pundit Ravi Rajkumar- Ramleela effigy making; Ivy Ramdeen- East Indian paper cutting decorations; Courtney Goodridge for Bertie Marshal- Pan invention.

“Elder geniuses of Pan, Mas, Ramleela, Hosay, Tailoring, and other Trinbagonian crafts will speak at the second staging of ‘‘Inheritance: The Elders Lecture” on Tuesday from 5- 8pm at City Hall, Port- of-Spain.”
—”Elder geniuses speak out“. Trinidad and Tobago Newsday. Monday, June 4 2012.,161205.html. Web.

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